Our vision

Our vision is to "promote international development by equipping professional leaders to compete on the global stage."

In fact, being international and intercultural is essential to our approach. When students adopt a more global view, they have the opportunity to make a wider network of friends and develop their own professional networks across the globe.

It makes sense that the first of these programs is a graduate program in international education, offered in Indonesia to an existing network of educators.

Worldwide University is incorporated in California but is active internationally, with key people in the U.S., Australia, and Asia. Due to its geographical reach, WU is primarily on-line, and is administered through an international virtual office. However, it also offers some blended delivery, that is, online instruction combined with face-to-face instruction.


Worldwide University is unique. No other US university offers all these features:

1. Accreditable
WU has been able to offer accredited programs from its commencement. However, most wholly on-line programs are not accreditable.

2. Competency-based
Only a few accredited programs are truly competency based. All WU units are defined as competencies, which are course requirements that are expressed as something the student must be able to do.

When students have acquired unit competencies in ways other than by WU instruction, they may submit their work for assessment. WU assessment is based on the same competency standards and requires the same standard of performance. This is much better than offering general credit for prior experiential learning.

3. Open to the general public
Some accredited on-line institutions are not even open to all applicants. For example, one leading competency-based university does not accept students from outside the United States.

4. Asia
WU is a local Asian access point to an international education. WU deliberately offers its programs to prospective students in the Asian region, which has a significant proportion of the world's population and most of its fastest growing economies. In contrast, US universities try to attract applicants to an expensive campus experience in the US, even though it is financially out of reach of most people who would like to apply. Many other US universities only seek to attract US students.

5. Optimum automation
In the last few years, systems for giving online learning support have evolved very rapidly, dramatically reducing the costs to students. Most universities still use older kinds of technology that increase costs to students.

6. English
Worldwide University realizes that many prospective students across Asia need to improve their English language proficiency for admission to most US university courses. Consequently WU is working on a new approach to teaching English online.

7. Context driven
We understand that our students can come from many different places, with different cultures and even different employer organizations. As a result, Worldwide University guides you to explore your own environment and apply what you learn in your particular context. Besides being effective for you, it also enables you to understand how other students work in very different contexts.

8. Direct benefit
WU programs are designed to give direct benefit to the student and his/her current employment. In some cases, this gives employers an incentive to pay tuition costs for students.